About Peter Brennan

I’ve been fascinated with self development and attracting and manifesting abundance in my own life for many years now.

I’ve always been interested in the human psyche, consciousness, and self help, going back now over 20 years when I got my degree in psychology.

I also have a degree in criminology, a diploma in life coaching, and certificates in counselling and hypnosis.

After some emotional trouble 10 years ago, I began a  journey that led me into the depths of my own consciousness.

I spent years doing primal work, hypnosis and trained in gestalt therapy as well as exploring multiple and alternative healing and self help modalities.

I became a life and business coach and explored many self help/development paths and teachers.

I now realize that all these experiences  and lessons were simple tools to expand consciousness and manifest the kind of life I was meant to live.

Over the past 6 six years I’ve built a highly successful 6 figure copywriting business from nothing, and work with high net worth leading figures in online marketing, MLM and self help niches.

I love writing sales copy and writing in general, I live life on my own terms and have the freedom to do what I want, when I want.

No matter what your circumstance or background, I hope to share with you all the tips, tricks, and insights I have gained in the last 10 years that can lead you to live your ideal life and experience all the abundance you deserve.





Hello and welcome to ‘the abundant life now’. I hope you enjoy the content here and will get great value from this blog.

So what’s this blog all about it?

In a word, or a few- it’s about sharing tips, techniques, and wisdom that I have gathered over the years on how to experience more abundance in your life.

When I use the word abundance-I’m not just talking about money (but of course this is an important part of what I will cover)

I’m referring to an abundance money, health, love and peace…after all…these are all related…of one is missing…we will suffer.

Moreover, I’m referring to the mental state of ‘abundance’ which is the centre point in our consciousness that will draw in any material needs we have.

The content on this blog will be about helping you experience that mental/emotional/physical state of ‘abundance’ which can also be called ‘peace’ or ‘bliss’ or even ‘pure consciousness’-in other words-our natural state.

In order to experience this ‘abundance’ in our lives I will draw on teachings from various spiritual, psychological, and philosophical traditions.

I hope you enjoy.

Talk soon.



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